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In Which Adelle Becomes a Zombie
Sherlock: Tea

Apologies for not showing any signs of life for the past week, I’ve had to deal with the almost never-ending delights of filling in renewal forms for my disability benefits. The irony being that I’ve spent a lot of the time since they landed on the doormat being too ill to do them but if I don’t, it’s an automatic denial. Luckily, I still had the forms from last year saved on my computer so had those for reference but still, they are such a massive drain on both my mental and physical well-being that I just haven’t had the energy to write anything else. I’m hoping that the forms will just go in, be checked against my case history and the status quo ante will be maintained but it’s far more likely I’ll get hauled in for yet another pointless and stressful medical, as I do every sodding year. There’s also a chance they could just tell me to sod off, either on receipt of my paperwork or after the inevitable poking and prodding from some jumped up desk jockey with a god complex. Which will mean a period of no money and an appeal or even tribunal to look forward to (again). So yeah, no pressure.

However, being at the mercy of The Powers That Be, I’ll need to distract myself from everything or I’ll just curl up into a ball and sob whenever I see a brown envelope arrive. I’ll probably do that anyway but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to catch up on comments, take pictures of stuff and deal with the queue of half-finished blog entries I’ve got on my dashboard. This will likely happen at stupid o’clock as I’ll be too worked up to sleep but at least it’ll get done. Panic driven productivity for the win.

Anywho, sorry if anyone’s felt ignored or unloved, I promise you I neglect everything equally and it’s nothing personal.

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You have my complete sympathy; inability to deal with applying for disability is why I haven't applied for disability. It would be hilariously ironic were it not so soul-crushing.

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